About Us

YoroKobi” means “Joy” in Japanese

Here at YoroKobi Photo Booth, we strive to be the leader in the photo booth industry so that is why we focus on excellent service, entertaining props, and creative layout designs while maintaining a high standard of quality for our clients. Unlike other photo booth companies, we actually showcase our booth because of the sleekness and curves in its design, which we couple with professional lighting, a DSLR Canon camera, easy to use touch screen, and a blazing fast printer that prints in less than 10 seconds. Our goal is to sell the “experience” in our photo booth, not “just to have a photo booth” at your event.

We also understand life can sometimes put a frown on your smile, but not to worry, YoroKobi Photo Booth can patch it right up with a mustache! We are proud to serve up the smiles, laughter, and joy where ever we are! The second you step into our booth, you are allowed to unleash your inner child, which is why we provide awesome props so you and your friends & family can proudly display the craziness that is about to unfold. Best part of it all, the moments you create are captured on high definition photos for you to cherish with others for years on end. To see everyone who walks out of our booth with such positive energy is what keeps our passion for this business going.

Give a little “YoroKobi” in your life.

Steven, Derek, & Brian